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Our Speciality

How we conduct our work?

Site Visit and Evaluation

This is the initial step where we visit your site to evaluate your premises so as to determine the best solar panels, inverter, racking and other components. Decor Solar Systems recommends an integrated solar system that combines solar panels, micro invertors, batteries and other components

Engineering Design

This processs of design will include the number of panels, batteries, invertor type and where they will be placed, the wiring of the system and how it will be interconnected with existing power installations, if any.

Solar System Installation

In some ways, the actual installation phase is the easiest part of going solar. After the solar panels had been mounted and related electrical and monitoring equipment installed, Decor Solar will clean up the work area.


Inspection and Commissioning

Decor Solar Systems will inspect the installation process to ensure that it was completed in accordance with the solar energy agreement. Going solar makes economic sense and adds value to real estate, we guarantee a full service energy solution at competitive price with an emphasis on switching over to renewable energy.